30 Before 30…and After: the Travel Edition

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…in which I try to assemble 30 travel accomplishments that I have achieved (or will, by my 30th birthday close to end of the year), as well as 30 that I hope to realize in the future.  To what end I’m not sure, other than I think it’s good to have goals and also everyone else is doing a list like this, so why not me? Ambition is healthy. So here we go.

30 Before 30 – Things I have done

gondola-ing in Venice, 2006

  1. visited 4 continents. I’m 60% there!  *fistpump*
  2. lunched at Tavern on the Green in New York City (now closed…I’d be more upset but when you charge $4 for a hot chocolate way back in 1990 you’re maybe asking for it eventually, except I did feel pretty swanky being there so there’s that)
  3. been to a non-western country
  4. snorkeled in the Keys
  5. threw a coin in Trevi Fountain (twice)
  6. climbed all 414 stairs to the top of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence
  7. flew in a helicopter over Miami with the doors off
  8. roped a goat in a Wyoming rodeo (I’m still waiting for my ribbon…)
  9. had a proper English tea at Kensington Palace
  10. ate Guinness stew by a fire in a rural Irish cottage
  11. saw the Mona Lisa (unimpressed)
  12. stayed in not one but TWO of Conde Nast Traveller’s best hotels in the world (well, they were on the list the year I stayed in them, anyway)
  13. got lost in Venice
  14. flew business class to Europe
  15. saw the world’s largest chocolate bar in Perugia at the annual Eurochocolate Festival
  16. sang The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah” while actually in a real kasbah
  17. listened to a piano player play “As Time Goes By” in the bar at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca
  18. visited the top of the Space Needle in Seattle
  19. cheered on the Ireland team in the World Cup semifinals from a rowdy bar in Galway
  20. went to the opera – in Vienna
  21. bought my first designer item at the Christian Dior flagship store in Paris
  22. shopped (and ice skated, and swam, and saw a giant pirate ship and stayed at the hotel) at the world’s largest mall in Edmonton, Canada
  23. saw Mozart’s childhood violin at his birthplace in Salzburg, Austria
  24. stood in the snow, in June, atop Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” at Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden, Germany (from which, coincidentally, you can see the exact hill the Von Trapp family climbs over at the end of “Sound of Music,” which technically leads BACK into Germany, not so good)
  25. seen Leonardo da Vinci’s indescribably wonderful “Last Supper” fresco in Milan
  26. driven through the middle of the night to spend a weekend in Las Vegas
  27. tried to make a guard laugh at Buckingham Palace (fail)
  28. ate tacos with homemade tortillas at a roadside cafe in Mexico
  29. sipped countless mint teas in the medina at Fes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  30. taken an overnight Pacific Northwest train trip

30 After 30 – Things I hope to do

  1. take rowing lessons in Venice
  2. visit the other 3 continents
  3. visit the other 20 U.S. states
  4. hold a koala bear
  5. see the Norwegian fiords
  6. ride a camel
  7. take a yoga class – in India
  8. be in Venice during Carnivale
  9. snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  10. go on an African safari
  11. go through the Panama Canal
  12. knock back a few brews in Germany for Oktoberfest
  13. get covered in tomatoes during La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain
  14. stay in a hut on stilts over the ocean in Tahiti
  15. take it all off on a nudist beach in Croatia
  16. trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal
  17. walk along the Great Wall of China
  18. take the Chunnel
  19. hike to Macchu Picchu
  20. drive the road to Hana in Hawaii
  21. go Zorbing in New Zealand (didn’t have a chance last time!)
  22. see an English polo match
  23. drive on the other side of the road – as the driver, not the passenger
  24. get my groove on at the Glastonbury Music Festival
  25. go to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah
  26. tour the White House
  27. dance on a table, smash dishes and drink ouzo in Greece
  28. spend a week in a villa and take cooking classes in Tuscany
  29. take my photo at the Cape of Good Hope
  30. take my kids to see the world
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