“I am Dwellable!” Vacation relaxation begins in the planning stages with Dwellable’s new mobile app

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Because curiosity is my kryptonite, and because I think their site is super-nifty, I recently downloaded the new free app from Dwellable, a vacation rental company that makes searching for, finding and booking properties across the country a cinch. They’ve updated the app and added another 30,000 rental properties…whew! And while I can be technologically-impaired at times, I have to give it up to this app for being incredibly user-friendly, fast-loading and fun to use. The truth is clear: if (vacation rental) walls could talk, this is what they’d say:


“Greetings wanderluster!

You’ve never met me before, but I’m about to turn your vacation world upside-down in all the best ways. Allow me to introduce myself: I am a chic three-bedroom, beachside retreat in sunny Malibu, California – home to surfing, seafood and Cher. Among my many talents: the ability to calm you with serene sunset views from my oceanfront, fireplace-adorned patio, the knack for knowing exactly which ratio of cool mahogany wood floors and smooth Italian limestone will appropriately dazzle your senses, a unique capacity for allowing just the right amount of brilliant sunlight to stream through my disappearing glass walls and bi-folding French doors and an innate dexterity that ensure the perfect temperatures emanate from both the satisfying jets of my roomy steam sauna to the chilled doors of my full height Viking wine cooler.

You know that authentic, relaxing getaway you’ve been dreaming of? A little romance, a little luxury, a little charm? Minutes from all the glamour of the city but miles away from ordinary? Well, here I am…your Shangri-La, your own little slice of paradise.

And guess what? You never would have found me if it weren’t for the newly-launched app from the savvy team at Dwellable. Talk about foreshadowing: just one tap on your iPhone or iPad, and the app immediately opens to an image of smooth, foamy waves gently rolling over warm sand. Now that you’ve arrived in the tranquil bubble that every vacation-planning experience should be (but never is), I suppose I could take you through the app and introduce you to some of my family and friends – a luxurious lodge in skiier’s seventh heaven Vail, a comfy condo nearby kids’ dream Disney World, a spacious lounge in music-lovers’ mecca Nashville, a quiet retreat in wine aficionados’ Napa Valley and countless more. Cottages to (modern) castles, together we span America with 80,000 rentable havens to choose from that will certainly satisfy an adventurer’s itch or sooth the desperate stress-relief long desired. Dwellable has collected us all into one place so you can find your fit.

But let’s not get complicated already…we’re in leisure mode, remember?

So on that note I’ll make it as easy as Dwellable does. “Where are you going?” You tell them. Not sure? Browse through all 50 states, narrow down to regions, towns and cities and then, with a manageable load of choices, soak in the scenic images of your seemingly endless tranquil hideaway possibilities. Scroll through plenty of stunning high-resolution photos of bedroom oases, backyard landscapes, unique architecture and striking vistas; tap the map feature to see all the available properties pinned in the nearby area and easily and – the best part – quickly check the availability calendars for each and every rental. No complicated hotel points here.

Bringing Fido? (I’m cool with pet hair, don’t worry). Set the filter to search for pooch-friendly properties. Gotta have that hot tub? (I hear you…) Toggle the button to get only choices with soothing saunas. Sort by price, make that swimming pool a “must-have” and weed out any abodes lacking the optimal number of beds – because now that you’re having so much fun searching, you probably want to bring a few friends along. And if you really just need a small place to call your own (because sometimes it gets a wee bit hectic visiting the extended fam out-of-state) – a charming studio it is. Let your fingertips do the walking so you can do the booking. Quickly, easily and actually fun. The only danger might be distracted daydreaming from all those enticing photos.

Did I mention the reservation part? Once you find the ideal spot, simply tap “Email the Owner” and you’re in direct contact and on your way to checking “book accommodations” off your to-do list.

Usually the stress of planning the actual vacation exacerbates the already-present need to take one in the first place. But I can promise you firsthand that working with Dwellable’s app ensures that by the time you’ve booked your destination (me!), you’re already relaxed and ready to hit the beach. (Except for that pesky packing part). A search-focused setup ensures that all your accommodation dreams are taken into consideration and the perfect options put before you to choose from.

So travelers – whether it’s Hawaii, Cape Cod or anywhere in-between, get booking now and I’ll be seeing you soon. Oh, and please remember to wipe your feet. Happy tapping!


Your Oceanfront Oasis – available now on the new, free app from Dwellable for iPad, iPhone and Android.”

*Disclaimer: I received no compensation from Dwellable for coverage or review of their new app on this site. I did however use it to sweet-talk my mom into a girls’ weekend trip to Santa Barbara, for what that’s worth.

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